City Guide

You will love Accra

Accra is a busy modern city, where the streets smell of delicious foods and the beach waits to cool you down. You'll find a thriving local cultural scene, with everything from traditional song and dance to modern clubs with the latest live music. There are traditional crafts and cutting-edge contemporary fashions to be explored. The city's Dutch, British, and Danish influences blend with West African roots to create an unmissable destination.

Things to do in Accra

1. Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum: In Memory of Osagyefo (the Messiah) Doctor Kwame Nkrumah was one of the founding fathers of Ghana and the country's first president. The impressive memorial park and mausoleum dedicated to him is located in central Accra and incorporates five acres of landscaped parkland along with a museum that features exhibits on his life and the intertwined story of Ghana's foundation. The Mausoleum itself is clad in Italian marble and takes the shape of a sword turned upside down, considered a symbol of peace. It is surrounded by pools containing many ornamental sculptures along with fountains.

2. Aburi Botanical Garden: A Taste of Rural Ghana Located 18 miles north of Accra in the small town of Aburi, the Aburi Botanical Garden covers just under 65 acres on the Akuapem hills at elevations of up to 1,200 feet. There are many different environments to enjoy including a rock garden, horticulture school and the palm walk: a lane-way lined with palm trees that leads up to the entrance. Activities include hiking, and bicycle rentals are also available. There is accommodations available at a gracious old-colonial-style hotel, which has a restaurant and bar. Concessions and a picnic area are also available for day trips.

3. Labadi Beach: La Pleasure Beach Arguably the most popular beach in Ghana, Labadi Beach stretches along the coast just to the east of Accra. It's characterized by fine sand and warm waters, with many activities available besides swimming and sunning, such as horseback riding along the beach and water sports. The road that runs along the beach is lined with bars and restaurants of various kinds, with many playing recorded or live music to add to the experience. The atmosphere is casual and family friendly, and the beach tends to get very busy on weekends -- those looking for a less hectic experience are advised to visit on weekdays.

4. Makola Market: A One-Stop Shopping Experience Everything from electronics to household goods, clothing, jewelry and even car parts are for sale at Makola Market, a major marketplace and shopping district in downtown Ghana. There are many bargains to be found on locally produced goods, including clothing, artisan crafts and affordable souvenirs. Visitors should be prepared to take a few hours to walk through the entire market to make the most of the shopping opportunities, with both fresh produce and food stalls available for refueling along the way.

5. Dubois Centre for Panafrican Culture: Insight into Panafricanism Dr. DuBois was a famous African-American scholar who came to Ghana to live in the newly independent nation. Today, his former home is a research facility as well as a tourist attraction which features exhibits on his work and a library along with his tomb and that of his wife. The landscaped grounds offer an oasis from the busy streets of downtown Accra, with bed & breakfast available to stay in on the grounds.